Down to Earth - Friendly Nature

Craig and Michelle Perry , 17 Jun 2020

We have brought properties in the past and when we first met with Wendy as potential buyers we were surprised to feel so comfortable with an agent, it was on our 2nd meeting we asked Wendy if she would be interested in selling one of our properties after it had been on the market for over a year, hoping that her down to earth, friendly nature would help the sale.

It was a touch time to take it on, in the midst of the East Gippsland Bushfires, however it was in a few weeks of Wendy talking to her potential clients that we had an offer! After not having one offer with another agency, we were impressed.

We give Wendy credit as when this didn't work out for reasons beyond her control, she didn't stop for one minute, within a week she found us another potential buyer! This buyer needed to sell their own home in order to buy ours so Wendy listed theirs and it sold the next working day - I'm not exactly sure how she does it but I have no doubt it comes back to the way she makes her proprietors and purchasers feel, like they matter. 

We feel we have built a friendship more than anything with Wendy as she has been there in constant contact when we needed her, we would call her for any questions and as it was our first sale of a property she was all so kind and patient with us.  There is no two sides, she is there to help both parties get the best outcome possible. From my experience Real Estate can be a prickly (to say the least) experience, But our experience with Wendy was exceptional, and I could not recommend her enough.

Wendy worked exceptionally well with all parties including other Real Estate agencies to ensure a smooth transition at settlement.

So in short; we highly recommend Wendy, Beadle Real Estate if you are buying or purchasing a property.